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Here Comes October Panthers!

The kids have all been working their tails off and we look forward to the teams having their end of season final regular season games, the end of season Classic games, and for those divisions (9U, 11U, and Varsity) that have it, playoff games. We look forward to continued success by all the teams.

The CSYFA Cares campaign had a very special month in September. Last month thanks to an anonymous donation CSYFA was able to collect US$170.00 for Childhood Cancer. This month we are now collecting for the National Breast Cancer Foundation at all our home games (regular season and playoffs).
The parking lot construction at Red Hawk has now completed and hopefully by now everyone has seen the big change in the entrance and exit. Please make sure not to park on the side of the Wayne Township Building as they have called the police a couple times already with their new security camera system. Also as the weather as of late has been wet the Carol Stream Park District has closed the park for practices a few times. Please remember that CSYFA does try to get this information out timely but due to the fact that the Park district does not update their website until after 3:30pm and all us volunteers are usually working our jobs there could be some delays in getting that information circulated.

As we all have started to see these past few weeks the weather has been very unstable and at times very wet. Please make sure your children are being sent to practice or games with the proper attire for the weather.

Lastly we have our October CSYFA Board Meeting on Monday October 14, 2019 at 8pm which is held at Simkus. We will be having a Carol Stream Park District representative on hand to discuss the new Affiliate Agreement that CSYFA is having to sign this year. This new agreement will most likely lead to our first registration rates increase in over 15 years. As we have tried to keep the rates at their current prices for many years we simply will not be able to you as we move into 2020.

As always, thank you for your continued support.


Welcome to September, Panthers!

We hope everyone has been able to see the kids practice and play football. We are going into Week 3 of our regular season games. The kids are all getting their game faces on every weekend and are being cheered on by the BEST cheerleaders around. The positive encouragement from all the fans has really made for a great environment for all the players and coaches. We have tried to keep the great experiences the teams have experiencing updated on the CSYFA Facebook page (Carol Stream Panthers Football). We are trying to use the Facebook page weekly to inform everyone about all the CSYFA (home and away) games for all levels and will continue to use Facebook as another form of communication.

The CSYFA Cares campaign that was mentioned in our last newsletter as seen some positive results. Thanks to the support of all the fans at our home games the Donation can was able to raise US$47.60 for ALS. For the month of September the donation can will be collecting money for Childhood Cancer which has affected a CSYFA family. All donations collected for the month of September at all CSYFA home games will go to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

As we have now started the football season, the main source of revenue for CSYFA moving forward is our concessions. As many of us in the CSYFA organization are donating our time throughout the season, it is very important that we get volunteer support for concessions. The schedule that was given to team moms is what is needed to avoid no coverage situations. If we do not get the help needed during all home games, we could be forced to the concession stand. Once again, any revenue gained at this time of year is going to hopefully keep our registration prices at the levels they have been for many years. CSYFA has looked at all options and the volunteer strategy is what gives CSYFA the best option to generate revenue. As you are all are, CSYFA is a non-for-profit organization and we need our CSYFA families to volunteer to help. So please keep this in mind when your Team Mom reaches out for Concessions volunteers.

The parking lot construction at Red Hawk is about to go full swing so please follow any detour arrangements that the Wayne Township Office puts in place. In discussions with them they are to do the parking lot in 2 phases starting on the East Side and moving to West Side of the parking lot. There will be different traffic patterns where as you could be using only 1 entrance/exit to enter and exit so please pay close attention. As the construction proceeds the Wayne Parking lights will continue to not be working as that will be completed near the end of the project. It is very important that parents pick up their kids at the end of practice and use extreme caution driving through the parking lot as many kids are coming off the fields.

Lastly, as we have been blessed for the most part with weather so far this year for the games and most practices the temperatures will be changing. Please make sure your children are being sent with proper attire for the weather.

We look forward to giving the kids a great team environment to enjoy the game of football safely. As always, thank you for your continued support.



Hello Panther Parents,

We are now in our second week of practices and it great to see all the kids learning and having fun out on the practice fields. It is also great to see all the parents out at the fields with all the young and hopefully soon to be Panthers and Panther Cheerladers.

We are coming up on our first preseason games this weekend and the good part is all the Panther teams are playing at home and all games will be played on the GBN Field.

Here again is the game schedule for this Saturday, 8/10.

Coaches will determine what time the players need to show up for pregame warm-ups:

Saturday August 10

Time Division Home Team Away Team

10am Flag Carol Stream White Carol Stream Black

11:30am 8U Carol Stream Downers Grove

1pm 9U Carol Stream Tri-City

2:30pm 11U Carol Stream Downers Grove

4pm Varsity Carol Stream Tri-City and Downers Grove

There will be concessions at the games this weekend. CSYFA is going to try something new this year and hope we can gain support from all. We will be using one of Shake the Can money jars at the Concession stand to collect any spare change for a charity each month during the season. CSYFA will take suggestions on what charity we should collect for. The only month that will not need a suggestion will be October as CSYFA has always support Breast Cancer Awareness and that month the donation jar will always go to Breast Cancer charity. We will begin this year with August’s charity drive collecting for ALS. One of our very own Panther families is fighting this fight and any support we can all provide would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully by now all Parents have received our newest team fundraiser the Domino’s Pizza cards. This optional fundraiser is to help each individual team with their end-of-season party. Please make sure to put a good effort on this fundraiser as this directly benefits your team.

CSYFA will be having a Trailer Sale next week Tuesday – Thursday (8/13 – 8/15) at Red Hawk practice fields. We will be selling old and new jerseys from years past as well as some old helmets to raise money for our jersey change next year. Please come out and take a look and hopefully purchase for a good cause. Please remember there is no practice for all teams on Monday (8/12) as mandated by BGYFL due to a Coaches Meeting.

Thanks again to all the parents for their support on parking situation at Red Hawk. The repaving of the parking lot is about to begin. We are working to get some practice times over at GBN field to help alleviate some of the parking issues. Your coaches will be communicating any practice changes to you directly.

Here are some upcoming dates of importance:

Preseason Week 1 Games = Saturday 8/10/2019 at GBN

Preseason Week 2 Games = Saturday/Sunday 8/17-18 places to be determined and will be notified by coaches

Pep Rally = Saturday 8/17/2019 at 7pm at GBN High School Field. We will have Rockin Jump and Bling Wear sales going on that evening

Picture Day = Sunday 8/18/2019 at GBN High School Fieldhouse. Times will be given by coaches/team moms. Please remember do not wear cleats in Fieldhouse.

Opening of Regular Season = Saturday/Sunday 8/24 – 8/25. Games, places and times will be set and distributed shortly by BGYFL and then the coaches will inform their parents.

We look forward to giving the kids a great team environment to enjoy the game of football safely.

Hope everyone has a great football season.



Hello All Panther Families,

Hopefully by now all parents have received your welcome letters and current team assignments. We are now at that time of year that all Panther’s love to hear “Football Time”. Below we have some very important information and dates for the Start of this year’s Panther Football season. Look forward to seeing all the kids and families come out and enjoy some great team sports with the usual Panther Fan energy. First a big thanks to all the kids who have signed up and to the Parent’s for keeping the CSYFA strong. We appreciate all the coaches/assistant coaches who are volunteering their time to make sure all the kids play the game safe, and also bring the fun that keeps this team sport alive.

Now on to the dates.

VERY IMPORTANT TO ATTEND THIS YEAR***Next Sunday (July 21) Equipment Handout at Rockin’ Jump (Sponsor) Carol Steam from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Address is 485 Mission Street. During this event, every registered 2019 football player will be able to jump for FREE for 1 hour. Non-registered siblings get a 50% discount off their jump fee so they can join the fun.

On this day, your TACKLE/FLAG football player(s) will receive the necessary equipment and GET FITTED FOR THER JERSEY for their use during the 2019 season. Along with equipment, we will be issuing our MANDATORY $100 fundraiser per player “Charity Mania” game cards, to all CSYFA registrants.

In order for your player to receive their equipment and Charity Mania game cards, at Equipment Handout, CSYFA requires (2) separate checks for the following:

1. A TACKLE equipment deposit check in the amount of $150, made payable to “CSYFA”, per player. This check will not be cashed as long as the equipment is returned to the organization in the same condition it was received.

NOTE: A deposit check is NOT required for Flag.

2. A separate check, in the amount $100, made payable to “CSYFA”, to cover your (5) Charity Mania game cards per player. As you sell your 5 tickets, you will then keep the money to recoup your $100.

• Please have checks already filled out to “CSYFA”. *

CSYFA will NOT issue equipment and/or Charity Mania game cards to anyone that has an outstanding balance on their 2019 registration and/or if the above-mentioned (2) checks are not received at this July 21st event. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

There are other items that you must purchase for your player before the season start. Those items are as follows: black football pants, compression shirt/rib guard, football cleats, cup and mouth guard. This information is in Documents Section on the CSYFA website under FAQ.
CSYFA requires a birth certificate from ANY Flag or Tackle player that is NEW to CSYFA or that has played in CSYFA in the past, but did NOT play football in the 2018 season.

We are requesting that you turn in a COPY of your player’s birth certificate to Chris Sokolowski, at Equipment Handout.

Monday (July 22 thru Wednesday July 24) Agility Camp at Glenbard North High School Football Field from 6:30pm – 8pm. This camp is hosted by GBN Coaches and Players. It is free, and open to all youth. Please feel free to bring a friend. This would not be possible without the support of Glenbard North Football Coaches and Players.

Practices start Monday (July 29) at Red Hawk Park on North Ave. at 6:00pm. CSYFA parents are allowed to park in the Wayne Township parking lot off North Avenue Please do not block any entrances or garages or park on the grass, or we may lose the privilege of parking in this lot. If there are no parking spaces you will need to park in the Red Hawk South Parking Lot (off of St. Charles). There currently is construction going on which may cause limited parking. Please be patient as they should be finishing shortly.

CSYFA Pep Rally is on Saturday (August 17th) at Glenbard North Football Field. The time is still To Be Determined. Another update go out as the date nears. Coaches will also advise.

CSYFA Picture Day Sunday (August 18th) at Glenbard North Field House. Time is To Be Determined. The Coaches will have more information to give at a later date.

BGYFL Super Bowl Weekend is Friday through Sunday (November 1 – 3rd) in Lisle at Illinois Benedictine University Football Field.

Once again, a big thanks to all the kids and parents who continue to support the CSYFA year to year. We look forward to working with All that get the opportunity to join the Panther Family and enjoy this great team sport.

Lastly we have opened up the Panther spirit wear store. It will be open until Saturday August 10. It is on just click on the Panther Spirit Wear tab either in the menu on your phone or on the right side of the banner at the top of webpage on your desktop. Keep an eye out for an opportunity to purchase Bling Wear soon. Further information to follow.

See all of you over the next few months.



See CSYFA Important Dates Coming Up!! Posting News and Announcements.